The following three types of information should be added and/or updated as you begin your education at New College and at any time your personal information changes. 关于这三种类型的信息摘要如下:


Please log in with your New College ID and provide this important information in NEWCLEIS. This person will be contacted by College officials in the event of an emergency involving a student. This would include injuries or illness involving a student.


请注册NCFSafe. This information will be used to notify you in the event of an emergency on Campus. The system is capable of email, texting, and voice delivery of important information. 请确保您提供的信息是您自己的. We need to be able to contact you as quickly as possible so make sure the information is yours and updated as needed.


登录并填写这些重要信息. This contact person will be notified by 赌城平台网站警察 and authorized College Officials if you reside on Campus and are reported missing. The person you list as your Missing Person Contact can be anyone you choose if you are at least 18 years of age or emancipated. If you are under 18, it must be your parent or guardian.

In all incidents in which it has been confirmed that anyone is missing from campus, the 赌城平台网站警察 will be the law enforcement agency with primary responsibility for conducting the investigation. Report all suspected missing persons to the 赌城平台网站警察 immediately. Pursuant to the Higher Education Opportunity Act (Public Law 110-315), each student residing on campus has the option of registering a confidential contact person to be notified in case that student is determined to be missing. For students less than 18 years of age and not emancipated, 家长或监护人必须是指定的联系人. Only authorized campus officials and law enforcement officers conducting the missing person investigation may access a student’s confidential contact information. Report all persons missing from campus to the 赌城平台网站警察, 即使他们没有注册联系人. In the event that an investigation has confirmed that a residential student is missing, the Higher Education Opportunity Act mandates that the designated contact be notified within 24 hours. The 赌城平台网站警察 will immediately notify the designated contact upon confirmation that the student is missing. Other local law enforcement agencies will also be notified, and the missing student will be entered into the CJIS computer database per current protocol.


New College has a responsibility to provide a safe environment for students, faculty, and staff. Fire safety in the residence halls is one of the most important aspects of this effort. State fire regulations provide the prescription for maintenance of safe residence halls, but cooperation from student staff and residents is the most important factor in reducing risk.

Fire safety regulations in force at New College are legal standards of the State of Florida. Everyone in the community is subject to fire code provisions. Everyone who lives in a New College residence hall is personally accountable for the observance of all 消防安全 regulations, 是由州消防局长强制执行的吗, 赌城平台网站警察, 以及住宿生活办公室. 以达到合规性, 从而提供一个合理的安全, 无公害的生活环境, the College requires each student to observe the following basic safety rules.

空气质量Smoking of any kind is not permitted inside or within 15 feet of any buildings on campus. 这包括, 但不限于, 宿舍房间, 休息室, 走廊, 电梯和洗手间. Students who disagree with smoking or exposure to smoke should make a reasonable effort to resolve the matter among themselves. 记住, 然而, that students have a right to be free of exposure from smoke and the hazards associated with fire that may be caused by smoke. 这项权利优先于吸烟的权利. No tobacco products may be used, or left out in the open, in any common areas. 使用证据可能导致100美元的罚款.


  • Posters, banners, wall hangings, curtains, and tapestries should be kept to a minimum. 窗帘应该是阻燃的. Such hangings should not exceed 25 percent of the total wall area of the room.
  • 地毯只能铺在地板上. It is not to be installed on walls, doors, cabinets, 等.
  • 禁止使用可燃墙板.
  • 论文, 飘带, 节日装饰, and ribbons must be flameproof or made of noncombustible materials.
  • 任何形式的明火燃烧(包括, 但不限于, 蜡烛, 香炉, 罗马焰火筒, 等.)在宿舍的任何地方都是禁止的.
  • 使用或储存易燃液体, 化学物质, 炸药, 引物, 粉, 鞭炮, 严禁燃放烟花爆竹.
  • 压缩气体, 除了家用气溶胶, 不允许在住宅设施内使用.
  • 家具、装饰、改动或布置 !不要违反消防或建筑规范, or hinder entry or quick exit from rooms or 走廊 are not allowed.
  • 装饰, 安排, or housekeeping practices that contribute to an excessive fire load, or allow combustibles to be located near sources of ignition are not allowed.
  • 卤素灯在非常高的温度下工作, 远高于普通灯, 也更有可能引发火灾. Consequently, all lamps, including floor and desk lamps, must be incandescent or fluorescent. 灯泡必须小于等于300瓦. The following guidelines must be followed to ensure proper, safe operation:
  • Never place the lamp near curtains or other 布 window treatments.
  • 不要把任何东西罩在灯上.


Cooking equipment not installed by the College is not allowed within student rooms, 但以下情况除外:

  • Microwave ovens are allowed when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Hot pots and coffeepots must have a timed or thermostatically controlled automatic shut-off-switch.
  • 带有开放式元件的电器(如烤面包机), 烤箱, 等) are only allowed in areas designated by the College as cooking areas (such as 休息室, port /戈尔茨坦宿舍楼的厨房区).
  • Only portable heaters authorized or distributed by the College are authorized for use in the Residence Halls.
  • 发热装置,如灯, 生长灯, and sun lamps may not to be used in confined spaces or in close proximity to combustible material


  • Only one high-wattage appliance such as a hair dryer should be connected at one time to a single outlet.
  • 电气设备必须保养良好, 电线无断线或电线绝缘.
  • Extension cords are not to be used in lieu of permanent wiring for lighting, 电视, 收音机, 音响, 等.
  • Multiple outlet devices that plug directly to a wall outlet are not allowed.
  • Heavy duty, multiple outlet devices equipped with internal breaker protection (i.e.(如电源板)被授权有限使用. All such devices must utilize minimum 16-gauge, 3-wire, grounded three-prong cord.


  • All corridor and stairwell fire doors must remain closed at all times, 除非配备自动, 电磁开门. 防火门阻碍了烟雾的传播, 火灾产生的热量和有毒气体, 并帮助控制起火地区的火势. This is important because it allows occupants additional time to evacuate.
  • 无可燃材料,如纸张, 布, 尼龙, 也可以在防火门上增加或安装麻袋.
  • Hallways, stairwells, and exit passages must remain clear and unobstructed at all times. Storage, decorations, displays, furniture, or other obstructions are not be allowed.
  • 要点 and 戈尔茨坦 Residence Hall residents may have noncombustible (i.e. plastic or metal) furniture and plants/containers in the alcove space outside their doorways. No 布, wood, or padded furniture/containers of any kind are allowed. Bicycles may be placed within these alcoves; otherwise, 任何时候都不允许自行车进入走廊. Exit identification signs and lights are not to be blocked, altered, or bidden at any time. 它们必须保持畅通和可见.
    • Once notified students will be charged the removal and disposal cost and may be fined $200 for any items left outside the suite area.
    • No grills, lighter fluid or charcoal are permitted within the residence halls.
  • Air-conditioning closets in 要点 and 戈尔茨坦 Residence Halls are for maintenance use only. They are not to be used as storage of any kind and must remain empty at all times.


  • 以上所有规定均适用于休息区.


Each student room in the Pei and Viking Residence Halls is equipped with a single station smoke alarm.

This alarm is intended for room occupant notification only. It will not alert the rest of the building of a fire situation. The detector should be kept in an operable condition and tested regularly. If it is found to be inoperable, notify Housing Maintenance immediately for repair or replacement.

要点, 戈尔茨坦, and B-Dorm Residence Halls are equipped with a building fire alarm system that senses fire and/or smoke. The system can also be activated manually when there is a fire. The alarm stations are located within the 走廊 at points of exit such as stairwells. Residents should familiarize themselves with the manual pull station locations within their residence. 大楼的火警警报通知了消防部门. 当警报响起时,它们会自动做出反应.

Vandalism or tampering with life safety equipment is against the law; all violators will be prosecuted.

消防演习将会进行. Students who do not cooperate will face serious charges.

Violation of this policy may result in a $200 fine for each violation.


Fire extinguishers are located in 走廊/common areas for use ONLY in case of fire (and only after first initiating the building fire alarm). Students should not attempt to fight afire that cannot be immediately extinguished with the fire extinguisher. 如果火不能被迅速扑灭,就离开该地区. Report all damaged, depleted, or missing fire extinguishers to your RA as soon as possible.


要点 and 戈尔茨坦 Residence Halls have fire sprinkler systems installed in the living room area. 不要用任何材料覆盖它们. 不要挂植物、装饰品等.,从洒水器. Water damage to the residence could result from damage to sprinkler heads. Sprinkler heads must not be tampered with, altered, covered or blocked in any way.


  • Residents should read and understand the 消防安全 information on the Department of Residence 生活 website, as well as any information posted in the residence halls. Do not obstruct or damage these instructions in any way.
  • 居民应找到本楼层的所有出口, and familiarize themselves with landmarks that would aid evacuation if visibility were reduced by smoke.
  • Students should locate all fire alarm pull stations on their floor and familiarize themselves with their correct operation.


All residents and visitors are required to evacuate the building immediately when a building fire alarm sounds or when an RA or staff member requests an evacuation.


  • 知道宿舍的疏散区在哪里.
    • 要点 and 戈尔茨坦 residents should gather on the softball field
    • B Dorm residents should gather in front of the Counseling and Wellness Center
    • Pei居民应聚集在Z绿
    • VWXY的居民应聚集在垒球场上
    • Z居民集合到Z绿地


If you (the RA) are in your area when a fire alarm sounds, go to the appropriate evacuation and encourage your residents to do the same. 尽你所能把居民留在那些地方, 与学校和当地警察合作, 住房的员工, and fire department personnel who respond to the alarm. Check in with them and follow any instructions they give. Do not return to your room until fire department or police personnel determine that it is safe to do so.


更多的 safety information can be found from 赌城平台网站警察, serving USF & 网赌平台网站.